Personal Essay


Those who run are not justly named human; we are creatures of flight, as the slight bound of toe to churned rubber or pavement or comfortably loose cinder lasts far less than a worldly second. We are primitive, though our instincts may be attuned to more modern signals of the “fight or flight” response: stress, …

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You saw me cracked, a soft-colored thing, thin walls. You sought to spackle my wounds with fool’s gold, covering the holes with weak beauty, without substance. You made quickly with your cheap labor, coating over spaces but not filling between, and your gold looked good for Everyone. Maintenance wasn’t what you signed up for. I …

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It’s About to Get Personal

Thank you to Jenna Harries for tagging me in her post! Jenna tagged me in 11 questions she made up herself and tagged me and 10 other bloggers to get to know new bloggers starting out. Some of those tagged may be veteran bloggers, but I was interested in getting to know them through my …

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