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The Instagram-worthy Multivitamin: My Ritual Experience

You’ve seen it in your Instagram feeds and all over the internet. Introducing: Ritual, the multivitamin that provides women with the vitamins they need and leaves out the ones they don’t. Plus, there’s no added fillers or unnecessary dyes. This vitamin is truly bare-bones and beautiful from the inside, out. I’ll be posting a series dedicated to my experience with these revolutionary multivitamins. Be sure to check back here to see my reviews week-to-week in this first month of my Ritual journey!

Note: I have become an affiliate of Ritual as of May 30, 2017. This review was originally posted on May 9, 2017, and the original content has not changed, nor has it been influenced by my becoming an affiliate. I only promote products I truly believe in!

The Price Point

At $30 a bottle, I thought, “Wow, this better be some miracle pill!” But after researching and adding the vitamins provided in these capsules to my Amazon cart…


Yikes. Granted, most of these bottles cover more than just one month, and all have higher content of their respective vitamins.

The individual supplements may all have higher concentrations of each vitamin… but there is such a thing is having too much of a vitamin. Especially magnesium; you have to be really careful with that stuff. The vitamins they provide are ones that many women do not get day-to-day, and they provide “only the amounts needed for optimal health” (see their FAQ page).

They also have added dyes, sugars, and things your body doesn’t need. For example, the Vitamin K2 supplement I found contains rice flour. What even? I get that it’s used to hold the pills together, but in my opinion, why not go for a capsule that uses minimal to no fillers instead?

At $30 a bottle, with no added fillers, dyes or sugars, Ritual is a bargain. Plus, you’ll save some much-needed space in your medicine cabinet.

After a month of reading up on Ritual, I decided to give this product a shot. Their response to social media comments and inquiries is top-notch; almost every single comment (over 1k) on their Facebook page was responded to. They give thorough explanation as to where they source their ingredients from, and how their forms of each vitamin perform better than the rest. As someone who is very health-conscious and weary of messing around with my body chemistry, this was all greatly appreciated!

The only negative comment was that the capsules gave some people stomachaches, and others complained of the strong “fishy” smell: two things that I’ve experienced with multivitamins and taking fish oil in the past. But I was willing to look past these; I would test it myself to see if these things happened, and if they were too unpleasant, I would stop. Simple.

Starting My Ritual: First Impressions

Wow, these things are beautiful. The packaging is minimal, yet speaks volumes. The capsules themselves are tiny works of art. Who knew supplements could be so gorgeous?

One significant downfall: they are extremely fishy-smelling and have a distinct fishy taste. I’m hoping that they’ll fix this in later formulations and production, but I’m willing to work past it for now.

Week 1 Check-In

So far, so good! I have been taking two capsules in the morning consistently for the past week, and have had no problems with fishy burps or stomachaches. I’m still not used to the fishy taste of the capsules, though it does become easier and easier each day to take them.

I haven’t felt the effects of Ritual quite yet, but don’t expect to until after about a month. Though I will say I have been sleeping much more soundly at night lately! Perhaps the magnesium has already started working it’s magic?

I received an email from Andrew, the head of customer experience at Ritual. Since I am an early buyer, he was interested in my experience so far and was looking for some feedback.

I really appreciate the attention to detail and customer experiences!

I replied and asked him how long it might take to see the effects of the supplements, and also suggested they try to find a way to better contain the fishiness of the capsules. This has turned a lot of people away from them, according to their Facebook comments.

Ritual Mint to Be: Ritual is getting an upgrade
Courtesy of


Beginning in mid-June of 2017, each bottle Ritual ships out will contain a food-grade insert infused with pure peppermint oil! Having had experience using peppermint in both cooking and aromatherapy, I can think of no better way to counteract a fishy taste and smell. I will update you on how it works here–watch this space!

Nothing about the capsule has changed–it’s the same pill you love, just nestled in the bottle with a peppermint pal to counteract the seaweed vibes. -Ritual

Week 2 Check-In

I wasn’t expecting to see results so fast, but I have been feeling much more energetic within the past week! I have been getting more productive sleep–probably due to the magnesium–and I haven’t even needed my daily morning green tea (though I have it anyway, it’s a part of my morning ritual… see what I did there?)

Can’t wait to see what next week will bring! I’m going to make sure that I get into my yoga practice more often during the week to see how my joints feel with the addition of omega-3. I’ve taken omega-3 supplements before and they all helped with any sort of clicking in my knees or hips as I ran, so we shall see!

Week 3 Check-In

Though I have been through some tumultuous life changes as of late, these vitamins haven’t let up! I will say that I have been more tired in the past few days due to stress, but I was able to get up and go for a run the other morning with sustained energy with no joint pain whatsoever. I tend to over-pronate and also have misaligned hips, so my knees and ankles become a bit irritated if I run too much. However, since taking Ritual, my joint pain has gone down significantly!

My yoga practice has also seen some great improvements; my downward dog is looking better than ever, with my heels actually touching the ground! (As someone who has never been flexible in the least, this is a huge milestone).

In Conclusion

This multivitamin comes through on so many levels, and I’m so excited about the constant research being done to make their product the best it can be. It’s truly taken so much of that “groggy” feeling out of my life, and is fueling my mental and physical health in a way that no other multivitamin has before. I cannot recommend these vitamins enough!

Try them risk-free by clicking the image below. You can unsubscribe anytime, and even skip months (though I don’t recommend this, as vitamins work best when taken consistently… hence the name “Ritual!”)

Have you tried it out yet? What are your first impressions and your experiences? Comment below! I’d love to hear from you.