2017: The Year In Review

I must say, 2017 was not the easiest year. It seems to have been hard for many others as well. From the results of the presidential election to being laid off, life has thrown me its fair share of curveballs and hardships within the past twelve months.

Each year, I take time to review the past 365 days to not only see what I can improve on, but to appreciate the great things that have happened alongside the pitfalls. For every negative, I seek out a positive, and it has been a wonderful practice in gratefulness and mindful living.

Without further ado…

Positives and Negatives of This Year

Negative: Laid off from my job.

Positive: I wanted out of that job so badly, and probably would have been stuck there far beyond two years if I wasn’t laid off. It was the push I needed to open my mind to other types of work. What’s more, I’m so glad to be out of the graphic design industry as my sole profession!

The creation of my blog was also a result of my lay-off, and I’m definitely looking forward to concentrating more on it in the coming new year.


Negative: Did not have healthcare for the better part of the year.

Positive: I now have insurance coverage for the coming year. I also have more coverage for less money than I had at my “stable” job! I also took charge of my health and made strides toward improving my quality of life.

Negative: My current job causes a lot of distress, and I haven’t found a replacement position.

Positive: I have taken steps to making my experience at this job less stressful. I’m more motivated to keep up on my blog so that I can apply to writing and marketing positions with a strong sample of work. Some days my job gets me down, but I have even more days that are fueled with the motivation to get out!

Negative: The results of the presidential election.

Positive: The friends I’ve made have never been closer to me. Peter and I have grown in love, and have learned so much about one another. I am finding ways to concentrate on living mindfully and finding happiness within little things. There is so much negativity and tension flying around, and I’ve come to realize how important it is to find positivity in every day. I have become more politically involved, and most around me have as a result of the political climate. I count myself very lucky to know many intelligent people.


In Review…

Looking at the volume of each positive response, I can tell that my great experiences certainly outweighed the bad ones. I hope you all will discover that you can say the same thing. 

Cheers to a positive, mindful, and intentional new year! Thank you for following along through my (sparse, but soon to be more consistent) posting!