The Tea Spot: Clean Teas That Give Back

As a former coffee addict, I have found balance in drinking green tea. Coffee tended to make me jittery, and if I had too much, I would end up crashing about twenty minutes later! It was also bothering my boyfriend’s stomach, so I decided to make the switch to green tea.

I’m a huge fan of boutique teas, but not so much of their prices. Then I found The Tea Spot, a handcrafted tea producer based out of Boulder, Colorado.

Their Story

The Tea Spot’s business practices are second to none. They uphold a high standard for the quality of life of their employees, and source their ingredients from manufacturers that strictly align with their values. Their ingredients are clean and of the highest quality. The Tea Spot is all about creating teas that deliver the most benefits.

10% of their proceeds are donated in-kind to cancer wellness and community programs, which is what really sold me. Their CEO Maria Uspenski is an ovarian cancer survivor, stating:

“Loose leaf tea became an integral part of my own recovery and continues to be a key component of my daily health regimen. The simple act of preparing loose tea is likely just as therapeutic as the tea itself. It gives me great joy to be able to share this with others and I am continually inspired by the people who courageously and actively fight to survive.”

My mother is an ovarian cancer survivor, so this really hit home. Supporting companies with strong values and ties to the community is very important to me, so I decided to give them a shot.

My Experience

The options are seemingly endless for loose leaf tea and tea sachets. From green to herbal and everything in between, I guarantee you’ll find a new favorite here. I decided to go with the Boulder Blues sachets and the Licorice Root to try as a natural sweetener. Each order comes with a premium tea sample, and I happened to receive a small loose leaf sample of Meditative Mind.

boulder blues

First impression: the packaging is gorgeous! I love the hand-drawn, watercolor feel; it really exemplifies the handcrafted touch to these teas. Both the Boulder Blues and Meditative Mind are gorgeously aromatic. Boulder Blues smells fruity and sweet–great for a morning pick-me-up, and Meditative Mind has a floral and very calming scent–a lovely remedy for stress.

boulder blues sachetsBoulder Blues Tea Sachets

The Boulder Blues was absolutely delicious! With strawberry and rhubarb, this green tea has a very summery feel to it. I brewed my sachet for 5 minutes, and it tasted SO delicious. Adding a bit of honey brought out the strawberry and rhubarb sweetness even more! It gives me a nice boost of energy in the morning that lasts through most of the afternoon.

Licorice Root

I added this tea to my second cup of Boulder Blues, and I didn’t need any sugar! I’ve always loved teas that are blended for soothing your throat, and licorice root is the main ingredient in most that I’ve had. This not only soothes my throat, it adds a beautiful sweetness to the end of each sip, and it blends lovely with the sweetness that the Boulder Blues tea already consists of. So excited to find a replacement for honey and sugar in my morning cup!

Meditative Mind Tea Sample

While this tea is beautiful to look at, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. Perhaps I needed to steep it longer, but I have never had a taste for floral tea. It’s too delicate for me; I enjoy spicy or sweet teas. It says it’s great for drinking in the afternoon to wind down after stressful moments, so I’d recommend this tea to anyone who enjoys floral blends and works a 9-to-5!

Overall, very impressed with the product The Tea Spot is putting out. It is evident that their ingredients are of the highest quality. I cannot wait to try more blends!

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