Reviewing ThredUp’s Goody Box: Handpicked, Stylish Clothing For Every Style and Budget

What is ThredUp?

ThredUp is an online thrift and consignment store that features brand-name, gently-used clothing at up to 90% off of their original prices. They offer a truly unique way of making money while cleaning out your closet⏤when you order a Clean Out kit, they send a pre-labeled bag for you to fill with your like new and gently-used pieces. Leave the bag out for your mail carrier or bring it to your local post office, and off it goes for processing! The team at ThredUp sorts through the clothing and gives you either a cash payout or credit toward the site (which usually ends up being a bigger payout than cash). With the incredible variety of clothing they have, I’ve opted for store credit each time I’ve cleaned out, and have found some great pieces every time I browse.

Near the end of 2017, they started offering “Goody Boxes.” These are quite similar to clothing subscription boxes, but there is no monthly commitment. With a $20 deposit, you get up to 15 items in a box that are tailored to your style. Currently, they are offering themed boxes in “Cold Weather Essentials,” “Office Styles,” and “Night Out,” and also offer a custom Goody Box for those who want more of a variety.

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I purchased the Cold Weather Essentials box, and was able to give a description of my style, including a link to my “dream closet” Pinterest board. My Goody Box was shipped about a week after ordering, and the results are in! Here’s a peek into the ThredUp Goody Box that I received.

The *Cutest* Packaging


How adorable is this box?! I’m such a sucker for packaging that instantly calls out to me. It may be the graphic design nerd in me, but I live for a pop of color.

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by some more turquoise polka dots, and a folded leaflet that included a bunch of cute quotes about expressing yourself through fashion. Little bits like this add so much personalization, and make the entire unboxing experience that much more special.


Boy, Did They Deliver!

In my Cold Weather Essentials box, I received fourteen pieces. FOURTEEN. That’s incredible compared to other subscription boxes I’ve tried! Usually a company sends about five to seven pieces, and it was awesome to open my front door to a huge box with such a great variety.


Included in my box were five sweaters/sweatshirts, four tees, one denim button-up, three pairs of pants, and one sweater dress. The pieces all seemed to coordinate very well together, which I was very pleased about.

Brands in my box included Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle, Michael Kors, Heather, and Free People.

I scanned the packing list to see the prices of each piece, narrowed down the pieces to my favorites based on my budget, then tried them on.


The Fit

I think I may have miscalculated my waist size, because the jeans did not fit me. They were about one size off, but that could have been my error.

The pink Cynthia Rowley shirt was a small, but was a bit too billowy for my liking. Definitely just the style of the shirt, so I’d say this one fit just the way it was meant to.

The Gap sweater fit perfectly, and makes a great addition to my workwear.

The Heather tee is loose in a very flattering way, so this one was a go!

The Old Navy joggers are very cute (I’m wearing them as I’m typing this!) and fit perfectly! They’re super comfy. These are definitely going to be a favorite of mine.



In the end, I only kept three pieces. The t-shirt paid for itself with the deposit, and my total came to around $21. I would have definitely purchased the two pairs of jeans if they had fit, but I am so happy with what I got out of the box! They seemed to really listen to what I loved. They must have looked at my Pinterest board, as some of the pieces were direct references to my pins.

I highly recommend ThredUp as a go-to source for thrifted/consignment clothing, and as a source for cleaning out your closet! If you use my referral link, you’ll get $10 off your first purchase through the site. Without a minimum dollar amount, and with many pieces starting around $8, that can be a free top! Be sure to check out their Goody Boxes and try them out⏤they’re budget-friendly and super-personalized. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!